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Hammam Session *

Traditional circuit of Turkish bath that prepares the body and mind to receive the most authentic health and beauty treatments of the establishment || 45 min

*Hammam sessions must be combined with one of your treatments.

Total 33.00

Eastern scrub with the Beldi black soap **

The basic purification treatment of the hammam, with beldi black soap, perfumed with eucalyptus, and a kessa glove. Eliminates impurities and dead skin cells from the body and prepare it for any beauty ritual (The glove is yours to keep after your treatment) || 15 min

**This treatment requires prior access to the Hammam session and corresponds to one of our package : The Basic Ritual -80min (Total amount 54€)


Total 54.00

Rhassoul and Shea butter wrap **

Millennial Eastern mixture composed of rhassoul clay from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, shea butter and rose water. This lukewarm mixture is gently applied to the entire body and left to rest for 10 minutes. It cleans and purifies the skin and softens the epidermis following the scrub It forms an essential part of Middle Eastern beauty rituals. || 15 min

**This treatment require prior access to the Hammam session (+33€).


Total 55.00

Current prices with VAT included applicable from 02/10/2023