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    Hand and Foot
    Beauty Treatments

Hand and Foot
Beauty Treatments

The hands and feet have a highly sensual meaning for Eastern women. Only through them do they express a little of their mystery. Their treatment is a true beauty ritual.

We present you with a true beauty ritual, which combines a deep and personalized treatment for nails, feet and hands, with natural products, an essential restorative massage, and the application of an ecological, natural nail polish from the exclusive KURE BAZAAR™ brand.

In the relaxing room, dressed only in a soft bathrobe, reclining among eastern cushions; all worries disappear, the body relaxes and the ritual starts…

Eastern hand beauty treatment

Eastern hand beauty treatment || 65 min

Total 54.00

Eastern foot beauty treatment

Eastern foot beauty treatment || 75 min

Total 73.00

Current prices with VAT included applicable from 02/10/2023