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Inspired in mystical Eastern beauty rituals, Rituels d’Orient offers various beauty treatments for face. We conduct a prior diagnosis to determine which treatment and facial programme best suits each of our clients, in terms of their skin type, their habits and the time at their disposal.



Rituels d'Orient Facial Ceremony

A selection of natural oriental products and active ingredients that best suit your skin type create this personalized facial Ceremony: This facial will moisturize and nourish the skin, while body and mind give themselves to a moment of extreme relaxation… || 70 min

Total 71.00

Kahina Rejuvenating Facial

Our anti-aging treatment par excellence. Associated with the benefits of prickly pear oil, it invigorates the vital functions of the skin. Leaves the skin clean, moisturized and radiant, and softens the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles. A unique treatment to restore firmness and diminish the effects of time || 70 min

Total 78.00

Nur Purifying Facial

A detoxifying deep cleaning treatment with blackheads extraction. It stimulates the rejuvenation process of tissues. The skin-texture is refined, the complexion becomes excepcionally luminous- Suitable for asphyxiated skins || 70 min

Total 72.00

Amani Express Facial

Appropriate for all types of skins, this express facial treatment purifies and returns to the skin its luminous tone and its radiance in a few minutes. Ideal treatment for those who have little available time /// 35min 

Total 39.00

Current prices with VAT included applicable from 01/10/18

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