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Dream of Ouzina

Deep scrubbing of alun-stone, almond oil, honey and royal jelly to tone and revitalize the skin, followed by a relaxing 30-minute  Eastern Massage. Its restores firmness and vitality to the skin, enjoying a moment of total relaxation for body and mind || 50 min 

Total 61.00

Softness of Shea

Complete intensive repair treatment, combining a scrub of semolina, cheackpeas, almond oil and lemongrass essential oil, with a warm shea butter wrap, and ending with a 40min relaxing Secrets of Shea Massage. The skin appears deeply repaired and regenerated|| 60 min 

Total 77.00

Freshness of the Oasis

Combination of a rhassoul and shea butter wrap, with a draining massage with essential oils of mint and green tea to reactivate the blood circulation and restore the sensation of lightness to the legs. An ideal treatment for tired legs. Also suitable for pregnant women or those who spend a lot of time on their feet || 45 min

Total 56.00

Sultana's Silhouette With Caffeine, Pink Pepper And Menthol

Body sculpting massage,  using “Palper Rouler”, the manual kneading-rolling technique: The skin is kneaded to break down the fatty tissues, eliminating the cellulitis. Combined with caffeine for its firming and activating benefits, Pink Pepper for its toning action, and menthol for its cold effect. It eliminates the orange peel effect, It streamlines the body's silhouette and restores firmness to the skin*  || 40 min

* Customized program with prior diagnosis – 8-session/ 16-session vouchers: 53€ / 49€ per treat. 




Total 58.00

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