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Facial Treatments

Inspired by oriental rituals and elaborated with natural products, our facial treatments will regain to your skin, its natural beauty. Select the most adapted facial treatment  to your needs.

Body Treatments

Moisturizing, modelling, draining, exfoliating … all with an only goal : to offer beauty and well-being. Let yourself be carried away with one of our corporal treatments.

Hand and Foot Beauty Treatments

The undissociable combination of a natural and deep treatment for feet and hands with a reparative massage and an ecological nail polish Kure Bazaar. 

Eastern Depilation

authentic ancestral know-how, depilation candy is one of the largest beauty secrets of the eastern women.

Pleasures of the Hammam

Discover the benefits of the Hammam for the body and the mind and its authentic and traditional treatments realized on marble benches …

A la carte massages

Relaxing and deep massages focused on back, legs or face … a variety of pleasant massages that you will never get tired of repeating …

Eastern scrub with the Beldi black soap


Eastern hand beauty treatment

Eastern hand beauty treatment || 65 min

Eastern foot beauty treatment

Eastern foot beauty treatment || 75 min

Rhassoul and Shea butter wrap

Millennial Eastern mixture composed of rhassoul clay from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, shea butter and rose water. This lukewarm mixture is gently applied to the entire body and left to rest for 10 minutes. It cleans and purifies the skin and softens the epidermis following the scrub It forms an essential part of Middle Eastern beauty rituals. || 15 min

**This treatment require prior access to the Hammam session (+33€).


Rituels d'Orient Facial Ceremony - Rituels d'Orient Barcelona

A selection of natural oriental products and active ingredients that best suit your skin type create this personalized facial Ceremony: This facial will moisturize and nourish the skin, while body and mind give themselves to a moment of extreme relaxation… || 70 min

Kahina Rejuvenating Facial - Rituels d'Orient Barcelona

Our anti-aging treatment par excellence. Associated with the benefits of prickly pear oil, it invigorates the vital functions of the skin. Leaves the skin clean, moisturized and radiant, and softens the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles. A unique treatment to restore firmness and diminish the effects of time || 70 min

Nur Purifying Facial - Rituels d'Orient Barcelona

A detoxifying deep cleaning treatment with blackheads extraction. It stimulates the rejuvenation process of tissues. The skin-texture is refined, the complexion becomes excepcionally luminous- Suitable for asphyxiated skins || 70 min

Eastern Massage - Rituels d'Orient Barcelona

Traditional Eastern body massage with purifying properties for the body and spirit, which provides great muscular relaxation to improve general bodily wellbeing. A massage with perfumed oils for a true journey through the essences of the Arabian palaces || 20 min/40 min/60 min

Supreme Argan Massage - Rituels d'Orient Barcelona

A de-stressing massage from head to toe with warm argan oil, which, in addition to creating a pleasant sensation of relaxation and total muscular harmony, nourishes the skin, leaving it soft, silky, and supple. This rejuvenation is thanks to the essential fatty acids and the vitamin E in which argan oil is rich || 40 min/60 min

Caliph Deep Tissue Massage - Rituels d'Orient Barcelona

Deep decontracting massage, combining frictions, pressure and stretching,  focused on areas more subject to muscular stress as back, neck, trapezius and legs.  Relieves muscular tensions and restore energetic balance to the body || 30min/ 50min

Face and Scalp Massage - Rituels d'Orient Barcelona

Pleasant massage that combines movements and pressure on the shoulders, neck and face, to alleviate accumulated tension, while also stimulating the circulation. Ideal to help reduce stress and tiredness, as it strengthens mental clarity and increases energy || 30 min

Menara Foot and Leg Massage - Rituels d'Orient Barcelona

Tonic Massage combining acupressures in different energetic points of feet, with kneading and stretching in legs, providing balance, instant energy and total relaxation || 40 min

Secrets of Shea Massage (for 2) - Rituels d'Orient Barcelona

Soothing moisturizing massage for two persons including Shea, for a relaxing moment. The application of warm scented Shea and the harmony of movements achieved a total connection of sensations || 40 min

Dream of Ouzina - Rituels d'Orient Barcelona

Deep scrubbing of alun-stone, almond oil, honey and royal jelly to tone and revitalize the skin, followed by a relaxing 30-minute  Eastern Massage. Its restores firmness and vitality to the skin, enjoying a moment of total relaxation for body and mind || 50 min 

Softness of Shea - Rituels d'Orient Barcelona

Complete intensive repair treatment, combining a scrub of semolina, cheackpeas, almond oil and lemongrass essential