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    The Healthy Hammam

The Healthy Hammam

The Barcelona Rituels d’Orient health spa is based on the Moroccan and Turkish baths , and offers areas of progressive temperature and humidity, between 37 and 46 ºC, and from 80% humidity and up. Water, which is ever-present, is essential to refresh us and create contrasts in temperature.
The numerous benefits of the hammam are surprising and have been recognized since ancient times throughout the East. Back in the Roman Empire, people purified their bodies through this circuit of aromatized steamy air, known as the thermae. In the Arab world, the hammam, or Turkish bath, were integrated into daily life as a privileged social meeting point and waiting room in sacred places. Passing through the hammam is experienced as a true body purification ceremony and offers interesting therapeutic benefits. It no surprise that it’s known in the East as “the silent doctor”:

- The steam of the Turkish baths opens the pores of the skin, facilitating the expulsion of toxins, and preparing it for facial or bodily skin purification.

- As we breathe in this environment, perfumed with essential oils of eucalyptus and mint, the respiratory tracts open and hydrate, and we oxygenate our entire bodies.

- The steamy heat improves blood circulation and accelerates metabolic functions, generating a pleasant feeling of wellbeing. The same night we will find it easier to fall asleep.

- The relaxation of the musculature, which is generally tense and contracted, is one of the most important effects produced by the heat of the hammam, and is optimized when complemented with a massage to follow.

- Mentally, the sensation of recollection, of finding oneself, harmony with our own bodies, helps us to restore balance in a world that demands constant dynamism and capacity for change of us. Sharing the experience with loved ones adds a social dimension to this, helping relationships flow and generating plenty of endorphins.